Frequently Asked Questions

What's different about Didero? Didero is member-focused! No ads (except if you watch trailers) and no publicists means less noise. Our only goal is to provide high-quality, personalized recommendations so you can have more fun. Most websites don't have any personalization, or they have crappy personalization. We give you high-level controls over the big issues like genre, and then use AI to figure out from your ratings of individual items the details of what you want.

Why is it called Didero? We're named after the French Enlightenment intellectual Denis Diderot (pictured on the home page), who is most famous for creating one of the first encyclopedias.

How do I contact Didero? Give us general feedback, recommendations and requests here. If you need help with something particular, you can reach us by email at help at

Why aren't you recommending this book/show I think is great? Could be a few different reasons. It could be we just haven't gotten to it yet. Or that we haven't heard of it yet (recommend it to us here.) Or it could be we think it's too flash-in-the-pan, and might not still be interesting to people a year from now. Or, it might be that while you had a great experience and really valued it, most people didn't find it worthwhile.

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