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Didero Parental Controls and Policies
What Parental Controls Are There? You can choose to block games with ESRB ratings of Everyone 10+, Teen, or Mature 17+. You can also block games that we have labeled as shooter games, or games we have labeled as horror. You can block games for your account, and if it is a gift membership, then the parental controls you set on your account page will apply to the gift membership.
What Does Blocking Games Do? Blocked games will not show up on the browse page when logged-in to the account or gift account. If a blocked game has already been added to the wishlist before that game is blocked, it will not be shipped to the member.
Where To Find the Parental Controls? Parental controls can be accessed at any time on your account page.
Can I Change My Parental Controls? Yes, parental controls can be changed at any time on your account page, unless this is a gift membership (parental controls for gift memberships are controlled on the account page of the gift giver). We will email you to confirm any changes to your parental controls.
What Counts As A Shooter Game? We tag games as shooter games if the gameplay focuses on shooting people in a way we deem possibly objectionable. For example, we would not tag the classic arcade game Centipede as shooter, even though that is the main gameplay. But we do tag Sniper Elite 4 and World War Z, where the main goal is to realistically shoot people.
What Counts As A Horror Game? We tag games as horror if they are often described as horror, scary, or creepy. For example, Hello Neighbor has an esrb rating of Everyone 10+, but the game is about sneaking into your neighbor's house and is often described as scary for young kids, so we tag it horror.
Our Blocking Is Not Perfect: While we strive to carefully tag all games that parents may want to block, we cannot guarantee perfect coverage of the blockable categories. Some games may have ESRB Rating Pending or no ESRB rating when we list them, but get a Mature rating later that we have not yet updated. We may not catch all shooter games, and the category horror is quite subjective. In addition to not blocking all objectionable games, we may imperfectly block some games that are not objectionable. If you think we are making an error in blocking or not-blocking a game, please reach out to us at help@didero.com, such suggestions will be considered non-urgent, and may take up to 48 hours to get a response.
Policy on Inappropiate Content: It is ultimately the responsibility of the account holder to decide and monitor the choice of content.
Questions or Suggestions? Email questions or suggestions to us at help@didero.com, we usually respond within 8 hours, but sometimes we need a day to get back to you.
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